Improve Your HVAC Business With Productivity Consulting

Clint Weeder

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The most important step you can take towards business growth is increasing productivity in your HVAC business and preparing for the future. There are a lot of moving parts in the HVAC industry, from the start of a job to its finish. If time isn’t spent wisely, there’s a lot of room for missed opportunities. However, when you work with a productivity consultant to organize and set relevant goals, you immediately increase productivity and profitability.

In fact, All Business reports that companies that are more organized are 397% more likely to report success than those that are not, and businesses that set goals are 376% more likely to report success.

Here’s what you need to know about productivity consulting and how it can benefit your HVAC business.


The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) defines the role of productivity consultants as the support for “evaluation, decision-making, and action around time, energy, and resources; helping clients achieve desired outcomes regarding goals, effectiveness, and priorities.” Simply put, a productivity consultant is a professional organizer who can get your business on track for improving productivity and profitability. This means getting more for less!

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or like you have a huge roadblock in your business, a productivity consultant may be able to help. In many cases, employers and employees aren’t taking full advantage of their time at work, aren’t sure what needs to be accomplished to make improvements, and don’t have a proper timeline or motivation to get it done.

With a productivity consultant, a customized plan can be put into place to combat the stress of your roadblock and improve the way your business operates.  After all, it’s getting all the smaller daily tasks done quickly and efficiently that leads to achieving your more significant objectives in the long run. 


Productivity consulting can be great for nearly any business in any industry. However, it is particularly helpful for HVAC businesses because each job requires various steps and tools to complete. A productivity consultant can help you make a plan for:

  • Packing your vehicle fleet for more efficiency and time-saving access.
  • Organizing tasks by importance, prioritizing responsibilities that need immediate attention.
  • Purchasing new equipment that is better equipped to get jobs done quicker.
  • Implementing new technology into your strategy to take advantage of more cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient opportunities.

The benefits include increased productivity, more accessibility to valuable tools and equipment, increased profit, and happy customers. Here are the areas productivity consultants can make the most significant difference for your HVAC business. 

Organize & save you time

Productivity consultants will help organize your business and open up more time for you to focus on other areas. This will result in more efficiency and growth because more will be getting done in a shorter period of time.

For instance, procrastination is a common problem for HVAC businesses, with at least 20% of the workforce being chronic procrastinators. A productivity consultant can identify the source of you and your employee’s procrastination and give advice and guidance on eliminating that procrastination to allow more time for important tasks and jobs. 

Help you set goals and hold you accountable

Much like a trainer is essential for helping their client obtain the results they seek, productivity consultants can bring more value to HVAC companies.  They can set you and your staff up for success by helping you create relevant goals and keeping everyone accountable toward achieving the goals set for them. It’s common for workers to get caught up in excuses for not meeting their goals when there isn’t any accountability. However, more motivation is inspired when employees feel like they have to confront their failures and mistakes.

What’s more, if you and your employees are concerned about not having the time to reach those goals, a productivity consultant can help identify the obstacles that are holding you back from making progress and help create appropriate solutions to get you back on track. Take, for instance, the time that would be saved by organizing an employee’s HVAC truck. Time can be cut nearly in half just by making access to tools and equipment quicker and easier.

Provide a new perspective on problems you haven’t been able to solve

More often than not, there are solutions to common problems in the HVAC industry. The dilemma is there isn’t usually enough perspective and insight to tap into for additional solutions. A productivity consultant can bring in a new perspective.

The HVAC industry can experience a host of common mistakes, from leaving behind the necessary tools to complete a job to ignoring safety measures (whether accidentally or intentionally). While safety measures can have a fatal impact, leaving behind required tools can cost time and money. A productivity consultant can help ensure your team avoids these costly mistakes and help them take safety measures more seriously. 

Take Your Next Step to Future Growth

Every HVAC business has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming years, but it’s how you preserve your time and effort that determines whether it will be your business. In fact, Grandview Research reports that the U.S. HVAC market size was estimated at 15.16 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach 15.78 billion in 2021. With the right productivity consultant and approach, your business can benefit from similar growth!

The next step to future growth is contacting our team at McMill CPAs. We can help you get your business get where it needs to be to experience substantial growth in the coming years. After all, all you need is a little more organization, goal-setting, and prioritization put in place to achieve it – and we’re qualified to get you there.