Wealth Management

Wealth Management

We Are Wealth Managers Not Just Investment Advisors

McMill Wealth specializes in financial planning, which includes investing, but also incorporates budgeting, taxes, insurance, mortgages, trusts, wills, etc.

If all you are looking for is someone to handle your investing you just want an investment advisor, but if you want an advisor that can help you with your complete financial picture you are looking for a wealth manager.

We can offer you extensive financial planning. We are full-time professionals with specialized education and years of experience in investing and solving various financial issues.

We Are Wealth Managers and CPAs Who Use Passive Asset Class Management 
We are an independent, fee-only, extensive investment advisory firm that specializes in managing portfolios structured around tax-efficient passive asset class investment strategies.

In addition to our fee-only structure, having a full staff of Certified Public Accountants puts us in the enviable position of being able to fully consider the tax ramifications of every investment decision. As a result, estate and tax planning don’t become an afterthought to the financial planning process; they become an integral part of it.

We Are a Registered Investment Advisor with a Fiduciary Role 
McMill Wealth is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Federal and state law requires that Registered Investment Advisors are held to a fiduciary standard. This law requires that an advisor act solely in the best interest of the client, even if that interest is in conflict with the advisor’s financial interest. As a Fiduciary we are:

  • Pleased to occupy a position of special trust and confidence when working with a client;
  • Required to act with undivided loyalty to the client;
  • Required to disclose how we are to be compensated and share any corresponding conflicts of interest.

Our Pledge

We pledge to:

• Listen to you and care about your family
• Determine just how much it will take to make your financial dreams a reality
• Help you make a lifetime investment plan which reasonably assures the achievement of your goals
• Fund your plan with the right kind of asset classes
• Support you so you never lose faith in the plan, regardless of what the market does
• Offer you a complete portfolio of unbiased solutions
• Never make you feel unreasonably pressured to do anything
• Be your financial doctor

Families will be more successful at achieving and preserving wealth
with the help of a caring and competent financial advisor
than by trying to do it themselves.

We will design your portfolio and provide the discipline to achieve
consistent long-term returns while reducing risks.

McMill Wealth Advantages

  1. Academic Nobel Prize Winning Investment Approach – Used to manage portfolios and allows to have continued access to this academic research.*
  2. Access to Institutional No-Load Passive Asset Class Funds
  3. Fully Diversified – Mutual funds that do not include style drift, making construction of a fully diversified portfolio based upon the asset classes much more efficient. (This is very important because 94% of investment results come from asset class selection and not market timing or security selection.)
  4. Account Rebalancing – Takes advantage of market fluctuations.
  5. Income Taxes to a Minimum – By managing portfolios and tax-managed funds, when appropriate.
  6. Tax Efficient Focus – With valuable tax and estate-planning ideas.
  7. Minimal Fees and Never Locked In – No front-end loads or commissions; no A shares; no back-end loads or surrender fees and no 12b1 “marketing fees”.
  8. Fee-Only Investment Management – Investment industry recognizes as less conflict of interest. There is no incentive to buy and sell to gain a commission.
  9. Regular Communication and State-of-the-Art Reporting
  10. Trusted-Advisor Relationship – Most importantly we are dedicated to your financial future. (Based on the Dalbar Study, disciplined investing can help you get approximately three times more than the average equity investor has made over the last twenty years.)

Our Services

Assess Your Needs and Risk Tolerance – We begin by getting to know you during a thorough planning meeting where we talk about your investment objectives, your liquidity and income needs, and your time horizon. We do not use canned checklists, but spend our time together getting to know you and what your wealth management will involve.

Design Your Portfolio – Considering your needs and risk tolerance we will develop a portfolio that fits you and your wealth management needs.

Manage and Monitor Your Portfolio – We re-balance as necessary to keep your portfolio within the parameters we designed above.

Review Your Portfolio – We meet with you one on one to evaluate your portfolio progress and any additional wealth management needs you may have.

Produce State of the Art Reporting – So you are kept informed about the continued progress of your portfolio.

To best complement McMill Wealth services we team up with attorneys specializing in estate planning.
As your CPA/advisor we will gladly work with your attorney in coordinating your estate plan and making sure that you have the most tax efficient estate plan possible. The hassles and red tape associated with estate planning can be daunting, but you don’t need to do it alone. Our team is waiting to assist you through every step of the process.

Our Investment Philosophy

There is a Better Way to Invest

The conventional method of investing has served Wall Street very well, but has not served the investor well.

Rather than searching for the new idea or the hot fund manager the way most firms do, we focus on sound fundamentals from academic research and the science of investing. We understand how markets work and use that knowledge to build broadly and deeply diversified portfolios that weather the ups and downs of an investing lifetime.

Structured Investment Philosophy

McMill Wealth offers a structured investment approach that integrates academic research and the experience of leading institutional managers.

Unique Implementation of Modern Portfolio Theory

We believe in Modern Portfolio Theory and have access to high-quality institutional investment firms with a unique implementation of this theory into an entire diversified family of mutual funds. Each fund captures the return behavior of an entire asset class, letting us accurately diversify clients’ investments across multiple assets classes-precisely incorporating the level of risk with which each investor is comfortable. Asset class investing is a systematic, global allocation of your portfolio.


Investment Philosophy

Preferred Funds

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

Our range of investment programs is enhanced by our relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc., a premier institutional investment management firm with more than $150 billion assets under management. Individual investors must use a financial advisor to have access to these unique institutional funds.

Dimensional is our primary but not exclusive source for building our balanced portfolio models and implementing a passively managed investment strategy.

Founded in 1981 and serving primarily institutional investors, Dimensional is guided by an abiding belief in financial science and the efficiency of capital markets. They see markets as an ally, not an adversary.

Unique Investment Philosophy

McMill Wealth prescribes to a unique investment philosophy established by Dimensional Fund Advisors.

It does not involve actively picking stocks or passively tracking commercial indexes, but structures broadly diversified portfolios along the dimensions of risk and return identified by academic research.

The strategy seeks to capture the returns of broad asset classes rather than individual securities, like traditional passive managers. However, unlike index fund managers who mimic commercial benchmarks, Dimensional defines their own asset classes.

Index fund managers are forced to pay excessive trading costs whenever their arbitrary benchmark changes its composition. The investor pays these tracking costs in reduced performance. Because this strategy focuses on broad factors rather than a specific list of securities, their funds can reduce these costs by being patient and waiting for trading opportunities that add value.

Independent Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Dimensional forms relationships with independent fee-only financial advisors like McMill Wealth, who share their views about how capital markets work and how best to provide clients with a successful investment experience.

McMill Wealth, as your investment advisor, does not receive compensation from Dimensional for using its funds. You, as an investor, are also not under any obligation to invest in Dimensional funds if they do not best meet your particular investment needs.