WEBINAR – 4/7/2021 Market Update: Lessons Learned from the Past Year in the Market

It’s been about a year since the market bottomed in 2020, and stocks around the world have rebounded strongly from their pandemic lows. What lessons can investors draw from the past year as they look toward what’s ahead through 2021 and beyond? Apollo Lupescu, PhD and Jared Faltys, CPA/PFS will provide insight into recent market events, examine the speed at which the direction of the market can change, dissect the performance of value stocks, and review key investment principles for the economic recovery.

Recorded 4/7/2021

VIDEO – Nebraska Property Incentive Tax

Prior to meeting with your CPA, please use the look-up tool to determine your amount of eligible school district tax paid for the credit and print off the worksheet.   

We ask that you look this information up, because you are in a better position to know what parcels of real estate you own. 

At the end of the video, we also touch on what to give your CPA in terms of the Stimulus Round 1 and 2.

Nebraska Income Tax Credit for School District Taxes Paid (Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Act Credit)

Nebraska School District Property Tax Look-Up Tool

County Parcel ID Search

Recorded 2.9.2021