Every year, McMill CPAs & Advisors hosts an educational Lemonade Camp at our building in downtown Norfolk. Due to this years’ special circumstances, Lemonade Camp will have a twist! This year, we are encouraging kids to host their own lemonade stand. Because the money earned at Lemonade Camp is donated back to a charity every year, we wanted to keep that tradition going. This year, we will choose three separate stands and we will match the earnings of those three stands and donate to a charity of the child’s choice; the child who runs the selected stand will also get a special prize! Parents, please read through all the information below with your child.
If you have any questions, please reach out at 402-371-1160 or email marketing@wealthfirm.info.

The three stands selected for the charity donation match and special prize will be selected based on:
               – Stand design/creativity
               – The “Wrap-Up Worksheet”
               – Designed/planned for success (price, product, promotion, etc.)


  1. Kids who will be in 1st – 6th grade this fall may participate.
  2. To be eligible for the charity donation match you must:
    • Be registered by a parent by August 14, 2020.
    • Host a lemonade stand between July 31 and August 14. Make sure to keep track of your earnings!
    • Complete the “Lemonade Camp 2020 Wrap-Up Worksheet” and submit no later than August 21, 2020.
    • Have a picture taken with the stand and child operating the stand. (to be submit with the Wrap-Up Worksheet)
  3. A parent must register a child. You can register in person at the McMill Building (125 S 4th St) or on this page.
  4. If registering in person, an information packet will be given to you with all the materials required. If you register online, be sure to print out all documents under the “Lemonade Camp 2020 Information” heading. You will be able to submit the Wrap-Up Worksheet online if you would like, but we recommend printing it out so the child can fill it out.
  5. Someone needs to take a photo with the child and their stand. If you complete the Wrap-Up Worksheet online, there will be an option to upload the photo on the worksheet. If you are returning the Wrap-Up Worksheet in person, please make sure to print out and include a picture or email a picture to marketing@wealthfirm.info.
  6. Display the blue printout (Lemonade Stand Flyer online document) at your stand so community members know your stand is participating in the Lemonade Stand Challenge.
  7. Have FUN!!

Now – August 14: Register and pick up/or print out information packet
July 31 – August 14: Host your lemonade stand
July 31 – August 21: Submit your Lemonade Camp 2020 Wrap-Up Worksheet
August 31: Check our website or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/mcmill1903/) to see the 3 stands that were selected

*McMill CPAs & Advisors will match up to $250 per stand.
**Eligible charities that may be chosen for donation match are on the “Guidelines & Eligible Charities” document under Lemonade Camp 2020 Information.

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