Agricultural companies need to constantly innovate while keeping compliant and managing risk. In a volatile market of changing regulations, seasonal cash flow and unpredictable commodity prices, corporate leaders are leaning on McMill CPAs & Advisors for deep industry expertise.

No matter your need, count on McMill CPAs & Advisors to support you.  Every operation is different, and each producer is unique. McMill CPAs & Advisors offers multiple levels of agricultural accounting services to ensure you have the on-demand, real-time information necessary for tax, lending, and management. McMill CPAs & Advisors accounting services for agricultural operations are available at several levels and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Services include payroll processing, balance sheets, reconciliation, and reporting. We’ll work with you to find the solution that’s right for your operation.

After-the-Fact Entry of Financial Data & Monthly Reporting

For those who want the confidence and convenience of having a dedicated agricultural accounting expert enter monthly transactions and prepare detailed, monthly financial reports. The program is designed to accommodate changing record-keeping needs and can be easily modified to reflect operational and other changes.

For decades, food and agribusiness companies nationwide and internationally have relied on McMill CPAs & Advisors to provide them with tailored solutions to their unique issues and challenges. Our clients include agricultural producers and processors, equipment and product manufacturers and distributors, grocery organizations and cooperatives.

These businesses look to us to understand the effects of tax laws, reduce costs, improve productivity and expand operations. We also lend a hand with technology solutions, succession planning, retirement planning, and mergers and acquisitions. Whether you’re looking to enhance cash flow or increase efficiency, McMill CPAs & Advisors can help.