Real Estate

Buying, selling, refinancing and trading are daily activities that contribute to the real estate market’s ever-changing environment. These transactions require complex financial analyses, flawless timing and extensive knowledge of their governing regulations. That’s why real estate companies are turning to McMill CPAs & Advisors for the support they need. Our trusted advisors work with real […]

Manufacturing and Distribution

McMill CPAs & Advisors has organized its services to provide proactive solutions to the issues faced by manufacturing companies, while working with our clients to identify the appropriate prioritization and sequencing of strategic projects. Even as manufacturers and distributors experience renewed optimism, the market continues to grow more complex and competitive. That’s why manufacturing and […]

Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory The world’s leading academic economists conducted extensive research, demonstrating that asset class selection (such as small-cap vs. large-cap, value vs. growth and U.S. vs. international)-not stock selection or market timing-is the most important determinant of portfolio performance. Further, the founders of MPT received a Nobel Prize for revealing these four tenets. Basic […]

Sources and Descriptions

Sources and Descriptions of Data Fama/French US Small Value Index (ex utilities). July 1926 to December 2018. Composition: US operating companies trading on the NYSE, AMEX or Nasdaq NMS. Maximum weight of any security in a portfolio is 4%. Exclusions: ADRs, Investment Companies, Tracking Stocks before 1993, non-US incorporated companies, Closed-end funds, Certificates, Shares of Beneficial […]

Investment Philosophy

We believe in Modern Portfolio Theory and have access to high-quality institutional investment firms with a unique implementation of this theory into an entire diversified family of mutual funds. Each fund captures the return behavior of an entire asset class, letting us accurately diversify clients’ investments across multiple asset classes-precisely incorporating the level of risk […]

Community Commitment

Lemonade Camp During the summer, McMill CPAs & Advisors host a Lemonade Camp. We teach kindergarten through fifth grade children to be an entrepreneur by learning how to start and run their own business – a lemonade stand! Here are some photos from last years Lemonade Camp.


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